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About Ozone

Ozone hosting is founded to provide a fresh hosting solutions for the consumers of the web hosting sector. We have more than three years of experience in website hosting and management services. Our first half of experience was in form of providing networking to the private companies in our local region. In that period of time we came to know that small businesses are putting lots of money in their web site hosting but they are not getting what they are paying for. We decided to do some research about this business and tried to find out why the prices of other hosts are so high ??

The results were very surprising. Most of the hosts were gaining very high margin of profits in this business. The main reason for that was the lack of the knowledge of the customers or we call them "Un-informed Customers". Hosting companies used to throw technical terms in order to confuse the customers and in return charge them higher prices. Some customers were also "impressed" by their degree of knowledge!!

We decided to end this trend and build a network that has all the necessary capabilities to handle the needs of hosting consumers. We did not put very expensive features together which will increase the overall prices of our services. We decided to separate the features that are widely needed and included with our services. Thus our servers were comparatively less expensive for regular usage. We also have special features that are available at extra prices and thus it did not affect the overall cost of the services.

We are proud of our intelligent decision making and our sense of putting ourselves at our customers place. We are looking forward to serve our customers with all our hearts and we like to spread this fresh breeze. Join us and we all will spread this freshness together !!

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